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Secure Data Storage That’s HIPAA Compliant: XVWeb

Secure Data Storage that’s HIPAA Compliant: XVWeb

Data security is at the forefront of discussions about digital privacy. Your patients have trust in your practice’s ability to safeguard and secure their valuable personal data. You don’t take this responsibility lightly and you aim to do everything you can to ensure that their trust in you is warranted. We at LED Apteryx have designed XVWeb to be your first line of digital defence by integrating the most secure data storage technologies available and making it totally compliant with HIPAA protocols.

In order to maximize the security of your patient’s personal image data throughout the entirety of its transmission and storage, XVWeb has been built around Microsoft’s Azure Data Center – one of the most secure and trusted cloud storage technologies currently available. This integration takes advantage of Azure’s multi-layered security infrastructure to provide XVWeb’s software architecture with built-in security controls and advanced threat detection intelligence capabilities. Add to this Azure’s team of more than 3,500 global cybersecurity experts dedicated to safeguarding your business assets and data and you’ll be hard pressed to find a cloud imaging solution that provides more digital security for you and your patients.

Thanks to the stringent security safeguards integrated into XVWeb’s software architecture, you can also be assured that all image data that’s processed and stored via XVWeb is totally compliant with HIPAA security protocols. XVWeb ensures that your patient image data is completely secure and encrypted throughout every stage of its transmission and storage.

If you’d like to learn more about XVWeb and its capabilities, view our brief web demo here or download our XVWeb Cloud Imaging White Paper here. You can also call us toll-free at 1-877-APTERYX for a full explanation of its features and benefits.

Securely organize and access your patient image data from anywhere. Start using XVWeb for as little as $99 per month.

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