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Database format options



Apteryx, SQL

Image storage format options

Apteryx Secure, JPEG

Apteryx Secure, JPEG

DICOM J2K Lossless

Practice Management integration

Database conversion ability

Multi-site support

Customizable button toolbars

Touchscreen-friendly interface

Intraoral x-ray sensor capture

Phosphor plate scanner capture

Panoramic/cephalometric capture

Intraoral/extraoral camera capture

Digital camera photo capture

Film/document scanner capture

TWAIN-compliant device capture

Cone beam / CT capture and viewing

Automatic measurement calibration

Automatic import from digital camera

Automatic Scan-to-Print

Import PDF, DOC, XLS, PPT, HTML, and other formats

Import Video/Audio files (AVI, WMV, MP3, etc)

Fully customizable mounts/templates

Side-by-side comparison view

Annotations/labels (implant, measurement, etc.)

Custom MS Word (32-bit only) Letters/Referrals/Forms

Patient Image Bar integration with PM software

Floating “overview” template navigation

Ruler overlays

Automatic multi-image tiling to fit in window

Slide Show

Whitening simulation add-on

Cosmetic imaging add-on with Lorin Smile Library

MS Outlook (32-bit only) email integration

NEA FastAttach™ e-claims integration

CD/DVD/Flash-drive publishing

Automatic Export to folder/drive

Image Enhancements and Modification

Exposure (brightness, contrast, gamma, etc.)

Detail (sharpen, smooth, despeckle, etc.)

Adjustment (rotate, mirror)

Modification (crop, resize, area selection, etc.)

Mouse-over magnification

Mouse-over enhancement (contrast, colorize, etc.)

Automatic enhancement customized per computer (Real Time Filters)

Custom-defined filter sets (macros)

Histogram analysis

Data archival

User credential support

Audit trail

User-specific permission control

Workflow reports

Multi-site configuration manager

Non-shared database

XML notification of data modification

Active Directory integration

DICOM Query/Retrieve


DICOM Modality Worklist

DICOM Printing

Import/Export DICOM files

DICOM Data Server add-on

DICOM CD Publishing

Multiple DICOM server support

HL7 support

SQL Database format option

CAC / Smart card support

Active Directory integration

Tooth Notation/Orientation Support




Extraoral View (outside looking in)

Intraoral View (inside looking out)

Anatomical Notation Support

General body anatomy



Veterinary Notation Support

Canine/General dental



General veterinary anatomy

Language support

Third-party translation capability