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Product Description

XV Sync™ enables automatic synchronization of multiple Apteryx databases for a dental practice – whether across town or across the country.

For the synchronization to operate, the XV Sync software must be installed and running on at least two sync servers connected by a wide area network.

One sync server is set up as the Master Sync Server which is configured to initiate synchronizations. The other sync servers are set up as Child Sync Servers which are configured for reception. The illustration shows the Master Sync server forwarding to and retrieving from the Child Sync Servers.

Features & Benefits

Features & Benefits

  • Automatic Synchronization – No need to manually run synchronizations. Similar to a backup, XV Sync will automatically run at night according to schedule.
  • All Sites Equal – Maintain replication of all patient’s images at all sites.
  • Central Repository – All sites replicate to the Central Business Office so the images can be easily accessed for insurance claims.
  • System Service Operated – The computer running XV Sync does not need to have a user logged in.
  • Email Notifications – If one of the sites did not sync, an email is automatically sent.

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