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Lauren Humes

“Thanks T.J. for all your help and support with our VELscope Vx.”

Jillian Murray

“Anthony was very polite and helpful. Quick and easy solution. A pleasant experience.”

Jennifer Price

“We had an issue with our battery on our Velscope, I emailed them and not even 2 minutes later someone was calling me to help resolve the issue. Great customer service from Anthony D.”

Dr. Peter Evans

“I have had a time of it trying to get my staff up to date with digital x-rays. My old system (15 years old) wasn’t up to standards and I feared my staff wouldn’t take to the newest technology. I was wrong.

With the help of Mike Chan and the technical guys at Apteryx, we got two sensors to start with and I have been VERY happy with the support by tech and the follow up by Mike. A good decision for sure.”

Dr. Wade Barker

“Excellent customer service. Ryan did a great job of taking care of our non-profit.”

Dr. Stephen Tran

“Great product and service. Ryan helped a lot to make sure everything went well. I have three digital sensors and upgraded my Cliniview software.”

Dr. Prasith Boon

“I worked with Ryan Chan on the purchase of a new Tuxedo sensor. He even followed up to check on how things were going after the sale which took place several months after ownership! Now that’s going above and beyond what any customer would expect.”

Dr. Philip Koury

“Mike Chan and the rest of the team at Apteryx/LED have been super helpful and very professional. Our setup had a few hiccups (mostly my errors) but they were there every step of the way to help!

The Tuxedo sensor is actually quite high quality compared to what I had expected and seems to even perform better in some scenarios than some of the higher cost sensors we have from Carestream. Apteryx is a dream compared to some other software options out there.

Thanks for the excellent service!”

Dr. A. Cirilli

“Great company with innovative products. Love the intraoral cameras.”

Darlene Langelier

“Customer service very helpful and accommodating.”

Kelsey Osmond

“Very efficient service. When I called about a problem with our Velscope the issue was discovered quickly and I’ve been told the replacement part will arrive in a few days. The representative was also friendly and knowledgeable.”

Dr. Edward Abreu

“Great customer service.”

Bridget Ornelas

“Our dental office has been using Velscope Oral Cancer Screening for over a year. It has been a quick and easy tool for our preventive program.”

Dr. Steve Edlund

“I had a billing question, and Alan found the answer super fast!”

Amor Kids Dentistry

“I purchased the TUXEDO intraoral sensor from Ryan Chan and it delivers a great value due to the price and its 3-year warranty with no deductibles. The sensor integrates directly into my Apteryx XrayVision software and the images look great! I would definitely recommend this sensor to anyone looking to go digital or purchase additional sensors for their practice.”

Dr. Phuong Nguyen

“It is nice to see service after the sale like we have experienced with LED Dental. We are so pleased with the results we are currently purchasing two more Rayscan Alpha systems.”

Dr. Donna Chang

“I love the clear images that the Rayscan produces and the wonderful support I have received from LED Dental. I strongly recommend them to all of my colleagues.”

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