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Introducing the VELscope® Vx

The VELscope® Vx Oral Assessment System is easy to use, portable and provides bright clear mucosal visualization. The system is used to conduct more oral tissue examinations than any other adjunctive device.

The Science Behind VELscope® Vx

10-Page Summary of Clinical Studies

Other Resources

Fluorescence Visualization Devices in General Dentistry

Seeing the Big Picture

Anatomy Checklist

A diagram of the anatomy of the mouth.

Biopsy Request Letter Addressed to an Oral Surgeon

A template letter to an Oral Surgeon requesting a biopsy.

Dental and Oral Health Information

A document for patients to provide general oral health care and issues.

Health Information and History

Patient information regarding their health and medical history.

Influence of Fluorescence on Screening Decisions for Oral Mucosal Lesions in Community Dental Practices

Study by Denise M. Laronde, P. M. Williams, T. G. Hislop, Catherine Poh, Samson Ng, Chris Bajdik, Lewei Zhang, Calum MacAulay, Miriam P. Rosin.
University of British Columbia

Oral Health Risk Factors

A questionaire for patients to determine their habits and history which could impact their oral health.

Oral Mucosal and Soft Tissue Evaluation Form

A template for filling out the status of a patient’s mucosal and soft tissue evaluation.

Oral Mucosal Biopsy Tracking Form

A form for tracking a patient’s mucosal biopsy.

Oral Surgeons and the VELscope® System: Partners in Early Detection & Diagnosis

White Paper by David Morgan, PhD ~ Chief Science Officer,
LED Dental Ltd.

Studies Suggest Oral Sex Can Cause Throat Cancer

Studies Suggest Oral Sex Can Cause Throat Cancer

A panel of doctors discuss the new studies linking the human papillomavirus (HPV) as a cause of oral cancers and how the VELscope can help detect disease.

Oral Cancer Screening Tests Only Take a Minute

Oral Cancer Screening Tests Only Take a Minute

Dr. Oz invites Jonathan Levine to perform oral cancer screening tests, including the VELscope.

The VELscope Helps Dentists Discover Oral Cancers

The VELscope Helps Dentists Discover Oral Cancers

Dr. Gordon Christensen shares his knowledge on oral cancer and how the VELscope can help.